Howdy from Houston, Texas.

Allow me to introduce myself:

The name’s Logan. Logan Atchison. That’s me there in the picture. (No, not the cute dogs or the super beautiful girl.)

Okay, but seriously. You want to know more about me.

Recently, I have allowed life to take over my life emotionally, financially, and healthwise. I could not change my way of life until life brought me to my knees and kept kicking me as I lay back on my back. Thinking to myself FUCK!

As soon as I got pissed off enough, I started taking charge of my life, taking a drastic turn in my life after a series of horrible events had hit me back-to-back. I gave myself a hand when I got pissed off enough to ACT!!

My life has changed significantly since I started listening to this podcast and a few other podcasts every day, reading The Boron Letters every single day, and taking copywriting courses on Udemy.

My intent in spilling this information. I just wanted to help a few people out with their situations. I do not want anyone to give up. If I can come out of my awful experience of being kicked out from my own home, going through a divorce, my car got flooded, couldn't see my daughter for a while, going to ER few times, getting kicked out from my best friend house, living in a hotel for few weeks, and just trying to survive. So can YOU!

Next, I want to discuss business. I took a long break working on my swipe file of MFM and a few other podcasts business ideas that I stored on airtable. I have received quite a few inquiries about bringing it back or where I might locate this content.

You need to know RIGHT NOW. I got my fire and passion back for doing online shit! I promise I will be making my swipe file of podcast business ideas pure awesome! I NEED to make this work.  I WILL make this work. I am GONNA make it work!

Each week, I will send out interesting bits of business information about business ideas, marketing, sales and so on. That I have collected from several amazing podcasts. It’s basically a swipe file with snippets of information from podcasts. 

Would you like to get snippets of information from podcasts? Then just subscribed to my newsletter. 


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